Monday, February 21, 2011

the kitten post surgery

neutered mingus cat 001

This is the face of a disgruntled little kitten. The dreaded cone. We tried putting a collar on Mingus once, just for fun, and he nearly broke every bone in his little cat body struggling to get it off. With the cone he gave in for a short period -- I think he thought it was a punishment for something -- but after 20 or 30 minutes he had enough. The cone ties around his neck with a piece of gauze string, which Mingus had managed to get stuck in his mouth so that it was forcing his jaw open. We didn't feel it was safe to leave him home alone, so we eventually took the whole thing off.

neutered mingus cat 002

neutered mingus cat 003

neutered mingus cat 004

We set the cone down on our table and watched as 10 minutes after removal Mingus went to investigate. He started to sniff the cone on the outside, then the edge, then the inside, further and further until.... he got stuck. Without the ribbon around his neck it hardly seemed to bother him -- I guess sometimes even cats just have to do things their own way. He wore the cone around the rest of the afternoon after that. He veered to the left when he walked and would only walk around the perimeters of rooms, bumping into walls as he went. Cats are funny.

neutered mingus cat 005

neutered mingus cat 006

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elizabeth said...

It's a good look for him. You should get a matching one.