Thursday, February 03, 2011

for the love of golden and a new watch

gold objects 001

When it comes to decor and fashion I am a fan of neutrals. From black, grey, and navy, to white, cream, greens and browns, any colour that you would expect to see while taking a quiet morning hike through foggy creek-filled forests. With all that in mind however I really love all shades of gold. (The morning light breaking through the boughs of the trees perhaps?) It is so warm and complements neutrals so nicely, antique or shiny and new, what can I say? I love gold.

gold objects 002

gold objects 003

gold objects 004

gold objects 005

gold objects 006

gold objects 007

gold objects 008

gold objects 009

Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see my birthday present from Joseph this year. A gold watch, exactly as I had wanted, and a quality Seiko watch too. It's a man's watch -- all the other ones were just too dainty. The watch repair man laughed when I asked him to resize it for me (because he doesn't often see wrists as dainty as mine and in the end he had to take off half the band) but now it fits and I love it.

gold objects 010 seiko watch

gold objects 011 seiko watch



OMG Miss. M!!! I love this shiny golden post... justt beautiful!!! And guess what I just had my fathers old Seiko redone too... weirdo!!! I like you're a lot more!!!! TEAM JOSEPH!!!good job!

elizabeth said...

I LOVE that watch. Tell Joseph to get me one too, ok?

Mary Hudson said...

I'll put in a good word for you.