Monday, February 28, 2011

upset, angry, & confused little kitten

upset mingus cat 001

upset mingus cat 002

upset mingus cat 003

Sometimes cats do very funny things -- like get spooked for no reason and stay that way for over an hour. The other day Joseph accidentally stepped on Ruby's tail and she let out a squeak (don't worry she was fine, it was just a reflex noise). After that, Mingus who was nearby puffed up and hid from all of us. Usually if he gets spooked Ruby can calm him down pretty quickly, but this time he acted as though he didn't even know her. He was walking around sideways and on his toes, with his hair making him double in size, attacking and at the same time being terrified of Ruby, who seemed to enjoy the whole ordeal really. We couldn't help but laugh either.

upset mingus cat 004

upset mingus cat 005

After a while of madness we gave them both some catnip and eventually Mingus seemed to accept us again as his family. Err... the end.

I'm off today to get my wisdom teeth out -- fun, I know -- so I may be a little absent this week (or perhaps the complete opposite) but I hope you all have a lovely Monday, free of crazy cat drama.

upset mingus cat 006

upset mingus cat 007

upset mingus cat 008

Thursday, February 24, 2011

thomas haas macarons

thomas haas macarons 001

I had a great day off yesterday traveling all the way to Kitsilano to take in a couple of my favorite places in Vancouver. My friend and I met up at Thomas Haas cafe for a cappuccino and a couple of delicious croissants (yum!) I had to get some macarons to go -- they just looked so irresistible. We then stopped in to Garlands Florist, my old workplace to see what was new and drool over the beautiful planters and displays. Last we had to spend a half hour at my favorite Vancouver shop, Stepback, to dream of a day when I could buy all their furniture and antique goodies. I used to go to Stepback every week on my lunch break just to look around and I was surprised yesterday when the owner recognized me, even with my hair almost three feet shorter and the fact that I haven't worked in the area in over a year and a half. I'll have to go back and visit again soon.

thomas haas macarons 002

thomas haas macarons 003

thomas haas macarons 004

thomas haas macarons 005

thomas haas macarons 006

thomas haas macarons 007

thomas haas macarons 008

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

vancouver's wall street

wall st vancouver walk 001

Vancouver has a Wall street just like NYC -- well maybe not just like New York. It runs at a slightly slower pace I suppose. Joseph and I went for a walk down Wall street last week to enjoy some coffee and sunshine. Running along the railroad tracks and the waterfront of the Eastside, Wall St. is secluded and quiet with gorgeous views of the Burrard Inlet and the mountains. It kind of reminds me of walking through little lake-front towns; half of the houses are little rundown shacks, half are out of place modern mansions. The roads and sidewalks are unfinished and no one seems to worry much about traffic driving by because everything tends to move a little more slowly.

wall st vancouver walk 002

Then there is the industrial train tracks and the charm that comes with dirty, neglected ramps and passages. Two very different feelings in the neighbourhood, but it all works together somehow.

wall st vancouver walk 003

wall st vancouver walk 004

wall st vancouver walk 005

wall st vancouver walk 006

wall st vancouver walk 007

wall st vancouver walk 008

wall st vancouver walk 009

wall st vancouver walk 010

wall st vancouver walk 011

wall st vancouver walk 012

wall st vancouver walk 013

wall st vancouver walk 014

Monday, February 21, 2011

the kitten post surgery

neutered mingus cat 001

This is the face of a disgruntled little kitten. The dreaded cone. We tried putting a collar on Mingus once, just for fun, and he nearly broke every bone in his little cat body struggling to get it off. With the cone he gave in for a short period -- I think he thought it was a punishment for something -- but after 20 or 30 minutes he had enough. The cone ties around his neck with a piece of gauze string, which Mingus had managed to get stuck in his mouth so that it was forcing his jaw open. We didn't feel it was safe to leave him home alone, so we eventually took the whole thing off.

neutered mingus cat 002

neutered mingus cat 003

neutered mingus cat 004

We set the cone down on our table and watched as 10 minutes after removal Mingus went to investigate. He started to sniff the cone on the outside, then the edge, then the inside, further and further until.... he got stuck. Without the ribbon around his neck it hardly seemed to bother him -- I guess sometimes even cats just have to do things their own way. He wore the cone around the rest of the afternoon after that. He veered to the left when he walked and would only walk around the perimeters of rooms, bumping into walls as he went. Cats are funny.

neutered mingus cat 005

neutered mingus cat 006

Friday, February 18, 2011

vancouver's freshly fallen snow

fresh vancouver snow 001

Last night there was a snow storm in Vancouver. By snow storm I mean that it was lightly snowing but also there was thunder and lightning at the same time -- very strange. It's sunny now and all the snow in the city has melted away, but the mountains have a nice fresh dusting.

fresh vancouver snow 002

fresh vancouver snow 003

fresh vancouver snow 004

fresh vancouver snow 005

hyacinth bulbs

Joseph and I are getting ready to clean up the balcony, I can't wait. I also can't wait for the sun to start coming around a bit more on our north facing balcony because this hyacinth is just dying to get warm enough to bloom.

mingus white siamese 001

They didn't give Mingus a cone post surgery -- but they failed to predict his utter indifference to the so-called 'bad-tasting' ointment they put on his wounds. By this morning he had completely licked it off and had caused the wound to bleed. Joseph is jogging over to the vet as I type to pick up a cone -- so we will have funny cone photos in the end. (Although part of me thinks Mingus won't rest until he has wrestled the cone off of his neck.)

Have a nice weekend!

mingus white siamese 002

mingus white siamese 003

Thursday, February 17, 2011

zucchini cream cheese cookie sandwiches

zucchini cookie sandwiches 001

In the new issue of Martha, that I had mentioned before, there is a cookie recipe for zucchini cookie sandwiches with a cream cheese frosting centre. They looked so light and yummy in the photo I couldn't help but make them on my day off yesterday. But a word of warning: they don't flatten like they appear to in the magazine and there are no instructions to tell you to flatten them, so if I were to make them again I would make them much smaller. They are delicious, but it is basically the size and sugar content of a cupcake. Cookie sandwiches for breakfast!!

zucchini cookie sandwiches 002

I had to drop our kitten, Mingus off at the vet today to be neutered -- it was so sad. I walked there because it is less than a ten minute walk and for an indoor apartment cat the world was suddenly very big and very scary. By the time I reached the vet office Mingus had completely buried himself under the towel in his carrier. Poor babe. I'll show you funny cone head photos I promise. Ruby seems to have already adjusted to being a single lady cat again -- even if it is only for an afternoon. 

zucchini cookie sandwiches 003

zucchini cookie sandwiches 004

zucchini cookie sandwiches 005

zucchini cookie sandwiches 006