Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a special sunshine

vancouver view sunshine 001

I don't take the sun for granted in Vancouver. We go for days on end in the wintertime never even glimpsing a ray of light or feeling its warmth. Still -- we never forget what it looks like, or what it feels like, but when it does decide to poke out behind the clouds it is our life-source. We don't just see it, we don't just feel it on our skin, but we breathe it and it becomes a part of us. Every thought and feeling changes and is strengthened with the presence of the sun and we have learned how to store it up for the  next inevitable stretch of darkness. 

Sometimes we get little gifts like this one: where the sun surprises us, just briefly, and just in time for a colourful sunset (and just in time for us to refuel).

vancouver view sunshine 002



Miss that view greatly!! What lovely shots you got there missy!

elizabeth said...

I hope I get to come visit you this year.