Thursday, January 06, 2011

oh! wait a second...

ruby thinking

New year's resolutions always seem a little strange to me. I feel like I am making new goals and promises to myself everyday of the year -- some I keep, some I don't. But last night it dawned on me that this year was shaping up to be quite a turning point. I don't expect anything exciting to happen, not like my trip to Europe last year, or like moving to a new city the year before that, but this year is going to be challenging -- and I intend to make it that way.

I have a new job that I am incredibly passionate about, with great bosses who see eye to eye with me and are going to be setting new assignments and goals in front of me every chance they get. I am taking a course for the first time in four (five?) years that will stimulate a creative side that I have not really touched since high school.

These couple things, along with my regular routine of exercising, blogging, baking, cooking, and enjoying my city and all its sights would be enough to keep me busy, but I don't want to stop there. These little additional duties have only begun to feed my need for more stimulation, more inspiration and more of the unknown. 

This year I plan to:

-Start jogging, and additionally start jogging with the bf so that we can spend a bit more time together. (This is not a lofty goal for me -- I love exercise and I have always loved jogging, I simply haven't done it in years)

-Get to know my camera. Inside and out. I want to seriously own every aspect of every photo I take -- oh sure spontaneous photos are the best, but I would like to know exactly why a photo turned out the way it did and how to create the images I want, when I can.

-Get a Vancouver library card -- seems simple, doesn't it? Well I've been here two years and managed to put it off this long. (This will help with the next two points)

-Begin hard research for future business goals. I hope to be seriously on my way to starting a business in 3-4 years and this year is the perfect year to sit and read and observe those around me. In addition it is time to decide if there is a way for me to consciously be a part of such a controversial industry as the floral industry. I like to think there is a way to do it and to still sleep well at night, but this will require some very localized research. 

-Brush up on my general knowledge and historical facts. I love learning new things so much and have definitely been lacking personal intellectual stimulation the last couple of years. First up: trees. Then geography, revisit the ancient history that I studied in University and then, who knows? Any suggestions?

And while I'm at it, any suggestions for books to read this year?


elizabeth said...

i think you should read some mordecai richler so you feel close to me in montreal. xo.

Mary Hudson said...

That sounds like a reasonable suggestion.