Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my new staub french oven, perfect black

black staub french oven 001

For Christmas this year my bf got me a very special gift -- something that I really wanted, something that will last forever, and it's the perfect colour!

My very own Staub enameled cast iron pot. I feel like a grown-up. {It makes some great soup too}

black staub french oven 002

black staub french oven 003

black staub french oven 004


Rosalind said...

Also, apparently Julia Child's recipe for Coq Au Vin is one of the best things you can possibly make, and I think it requires one of these beauties...and also lardons?!

Anonymous said...

I'm also a bit jealous (...but also unrelated, looking forward to coming and visiting so that we can drink wine/beer/fancy_pants_mixed_drinks...and cook delicious foods and eat them) ... and also I don't know who Rosalind is, but lardons are delicious

Mary Hudson said...

Lardons hey? Well I think you should both come to visit and we can make and drink delicious things.
Also, I sure have a good fella.

elizabeth said...

There's an awesome recipe in the new Dorie Greenspan cookbook which Audrey gave me for Christmas that's essentially just a chicken in a pot with garlic and lemon but then you make a dough ring and place it over the edge of the pot before you put the lid on and bake it so it makes this insane, delicious bread seal that you need to open with a screwdriver. I'll scan the recipe and send it to you.

Oh yeah. jealous.