Monday, January 17, 2011

the last kermodi arrangements and a tree of wonder

string of pearl egg planter

Good morning Monday workers! Today is actually my day off (well other than a couple hours of work-related errands) and I sure hope to get some much needed quiet (specifically in my brain).

These are the last photos I have of planters I completed while at Kermodi. The top is a string of pearls -- a really fantastic plant, so long as you don't drown it. The cactus in the middle in the photo below (Chrissy, a little help with the variety name, please?) is the same variety that left a piece of one of its spines lodged in my finger for weeks....painful.

three succulent black cubes

And in a somewhat related note: a friend and I spotted this tree in a school yard while on a walk in December -- isn't it stunning?

mossy fern tree


Fleurish said...

I love the Kermodi items! Nice work!!! And that romantic tree... oh Brunaby!!! it was nice taking that long walk with you miss M.

Rosalind said...


Brooke said...

that top plant is just a perfect arrangement!

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks Brooke, I love all the different pieces we would make in the terrazzo eggs - they look good anywhere.

Jacqueline said...

Hey Mar, sorry it took so long to post this! The middle cacti looks like a Cereus peruvianus to me. Can't wait to catch up on you and H's blogs...I've been out of the interweb world for a while!