Wednesday, December 15, 2010

writing it all down

I finally got around to writing some Christmas cards last night. I also roasted a chicken after work, for future use, cooked dinner, and made granola bars. Oh and I sent out an invite to some girlfriends to come bake Christmas cookies at my place on Monday -- now that many of them have confirmed attendance I have to hurry and clean the house and get some baking ingredients restocked in my pantry. Nothing like a challenge!

xmas cards 002

xmas cards 003


Fleurish said...

OH STOP IT!!! THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!!! i love them seriously.!!!! how wonderful are these!!!!

Jaderbomb said...

I love this!!! I am about to do something similar to this on my blog!!! Thanks for sharing!! Merry Christmas!

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks you two. I had the stamps and tape and a vague idea of what I wanted -- it turned out a little different, but they are cute.