Monday, December 06, 2010

top food of 2010

I've been looking back at all my photos of the last year and was reminded of how many delicious meals and treats I have made since January. I have definitely been cooking and baking more this year than ever before and I have tried out so many new foods and new recipes. I think I'm becoming more obsessed with food than ever before -- is it obsession if I fall asleep thinking about what I could make for dinner the next day?

Well anyway I made a top ten list to help look back at it all, so here's numbers 10 through 6:

jam making 006

jam tasting 003
number ten ...  ...  ...making jam and chutney

mac and cheese 004

mac and cheese 003
number nine ...  ...  ...decadent mac and cheese

hazelnut cake 001

hazelnut cake 004

number eight ...  ...  ...hazelnut sponge cake for friends

potato soup 001

potato soup 002
number seven ...  ...  ...comforting potato arugula soup

c-l cupcakes 11

c-l cupcakes 7
number six ...  ...  ...super sweet, but oh-so-pretty cupcakes

Numbers 5 to 1 coming up soon!

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