Wednesday, December 08, 2010

top five food posts of 2010

Finally here are my top five food posts of 2010! I knew exactly which dish was going to make number one, but everything else was a little tricky to place. These are all dishes I had made for the first time and in each case they far surpassed expectations -- they are all incredibly tasty and if I can make them you can too! Here's to a new year of fantastic food!

red lentil soup 001

red lentil soup 002
number five...  ...  ...moroccan red lentil and eggplant soup

pistachio meringues 001

pistachio meringues 004
number four...  ...  ...pistachio and rose water meringues

fresh pasta 005

fresh pasta 007
number three...  ...  ...fresh tagliatelle and pesto

chocolate cake 002

chocolate cake 004
number two...  ...  ...chocolate and hazelnut meringue cake

tortilla soup 002

tortilla soup 004
and finally number one...  ...  ...spicy chicken and tortilla soup!! This soup was so good. I hope to make it again this week -- now to find the time... maybe if I skip the chicken this time.


Fleurish said...

why do you cook so well??? hmm?? I want to have the tortilla soup recipe!! I DO!!! PLEASE!

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks! I know I have been meaning to post it for others as well.... I will do it in the upcoming week.