Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the baking day

On Monday I had a few friends come over to help bake up a Christmas cookies storm and it was a great success! Okay so lots of the cookies came out "almost burnt" and we didn't have time to ice any of them, but other than that we had a good time. The kitten was social, we munched on nuts and crackers and drank a very nice mulled wine, prepared by Helena. Thanks to all the ladies who came, and sorry to all those that missed out. (next year!)

p.s I clearly forgot to take photos until the very end, so for that I apologize. I was too busy making sure nothing was going wrong!

cookies 002

cookies 003

cookies 004

cookies 005

cookies 006

cookies 007


Lotte said...

this looks so amazing.

Fleurish said...

had great fun. thanks for that. maybe i will join in again next year.