Friday, November 26, 2010

sharpening my pencils

flower book 001

I signed up for a botanical illustration class in January! I'm really excited (and terrified since I don't think I have done more than doodle since high school!) A friend showed me the class so it will be lots of fun with both of us in it together. Wish me luck! (I really hate being bad at anything)

flower book 002

Have I showed you this book before? It was a Christmas gift from Joseph's parents a few years ago and it is one of my most beautiful possessions. Published in New York in 1940 it is full of colour photographs and designs that seem very advanced. I can never believe it when I flip through the pages -- such a thoughtful gift that I will always treasure.

flower book 003

flower book 004

flower book 005


Matryoshka said...

"I really hate being bad at anything"

so true ms. hudson. but as if you could be bad at anything!

Mary Hudson said...

Well it will certainly be a challenge -- but the same goes for you Ms. Y, how many new things can one woman master?!

Fleurish said...

this is going to be such an adventure and soooo exciting!!!!

Lotte said...

I love looking trough your portfolio, it's so nice. Enjoy the botanical illustration class !

Jacqueline said...

So cool!! Have fun!!