Thursday, November 18, 2010


Just looking back at the Gorillaz concert in Vancouver a couple weeks ago. Clearly I don't go to big concerts very often.... but truly this show was fantastic.
In case any of you were thinking that you weren't interested in watching these videos (Mike, I'm looking at you) let me point out that the bass player is Paul Simonon and the guitar player is Mick Jones. {Yes I got to see half the Clash perform live} Oh and Bobby Womack sings a bit.

The finale:

Oh and they had a huge band. You should listen to this too:

Update: I took out the last video to replace with this one:
(The other one had horrible sound, but started with a 2-minute 7-piece string intro. {7-piece string plus 6-piece middle eastern band, plus 7-piece horns......amazing})

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