Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ravioli night

Last night I got Joseph's help making fresh ravioli pasta. Yet another adventure in the kitchen, our first batch of dough just wasn't working and after far too long toiling, we finally started the dough over and it worked great! I didn't do a terribly good job removing all the air from inside each ravioli, but other than that it was a huge success. It really was a fantastic dinner for a very grey and windy night in Vancouver.

ravioli 001

The filling was a basic ricotta cheese mixed with whatever else I had within reach and the sauce was a basic tomato with cream. We'll make it more exotic next time. I'll need to get a pasta maker of my own once we move out of our current place (psst... to whom it may concern: they have some decent looking ones at Gourmet Warehouse right now. Just in time for Christmas.)

ravioli 002


Fleurish said...

(from who it may concern) a friend just lent me hers. I have it until she moves into her new place. Tomorrow is the day!!!! WOO HOO!!
and you got me hungry. they looks delicious!

Mary Hudson said...

I will simply advise that start with just under 100 grams (or a little less than 3/4 cup) of flour per egg and then work your way up if needed. It should be really soft but not sticky at all, just super easy to handle.