Monday, November 29, 2010

the perks

trabant car 001

...Of working a really fun job and having really nice bosses is that they give me a free pull-back Trabant car just because. I guess the Trabant is supposed to be one of the worst cars to have ever been on the road, but aren't they pretty?

trabant car 002

trabant car 003

and just in case you wondered how it compared in size to an apple mouse:

trabant car 004

We are easily entertained.

trabant car 005

trabant car 006


Brooke said...

I love how it matches the white of the cat :)

Mary Hudson said...

It couldn't be more perfect, right?

Now my boyfriend has just pointed out to me that as beautiful as it is I should probably stop and think before starting a toy car collection. (but there is such a cool vintage police car I have my eye on....)

Brooke said...

it would be so lovely to have the set...and maybe next, a mini vw camper bus...

Mary Hudson said...

Oh we are expecting those to come in soon!