Monday, November 08, 2010

the new stag

new staghorn 001

I mentioned last month about adding a new Staghorn fern to my plant family and here he is! I actually took these photos a couple weeks ago, so he has already grown quite a bit since then. He is really stunning, I can't wait to set him up on a wall mount.

new staghorn 005

new staghorn 003

new staghorn 004
Have I mentioned I love my plants?

new staghorn 002


Lotte said...

amazing, just wonderful

Sarah Winward said...

What!? he is really a fantastic specimen, possibly the prettiest i have seen.

I have a couple of stag horn fern. the one on my bedroom wall is on its last leg. or horn, maybe it is on its last horn.

Mary Hudson said...

Sorry to hear about your fern. I have had a lot of trouble with my other staghorn, also in the pictures above. There have been times when he has only had one frond -- but he came back and continues to frighten me and come back all the time. (I really cannot wait to get them on the wall. I don't get much sun in my apartment, so it takes all my self-control to wait until spring when they have a good chance of survival)

Sarah said...


just found your blog. Im in East Van :) Im going to have fun perusing your pics :)

where do you get your stag ferns?