Friday, November 05, 2010

making pasta

fresh pasta 001

Another new thing I learned while in Montreal last month was how awesome making fresh pasta is. My sister showed me step by step and it seemed really easy -- and then the other day I watched a Jamie Oliver video and it seemed even easier. I'm lucky living with the kitchen that I do because I have access to a food processor and a pasta maker. It literally took 20 seconds to mix the pasta and then I immediately started pressing it through on the thickest setting a few times to 'knead' it. The only thing slowing me down was that the clamp on the pasta maker didn't fit over any of my work surfaces, so I had to hold it down while turning -- I could have used a third hand.

fresh pasta 002

fresh pasta 003

I made tagliatelle because it seemed like the easiest and paired it with summer pesto from my freezer.

fresh pasta 004

fresh pasta 005

fresh pasta 006

fresh pasta 007

After dinner we went to go watch the Gorillaz performance, which was fantastic.

fresh pasta 008


nokomis said...

mary, you constantly inspire me. thank you. xox.

Mary Hudson said...

likewise, thank you. keep the inspiration flowing!

elizabeth said...

i do love making pasta, yum!