Thursday, October 21, 2010


jam making 001

When I was staying with my sister in Montreal over Thanksgiving her and I decided to make strawberry and peach jam since the weather was so disappointing. It was my first time ever doing it without my mom (and one of my sister's first times too, I think) and the jam turned more into fruit preserves -- jelly at best, but it still tasted great. When I got back to Vancouver I wanted to try again and had several cups of rhubarb and blackberries in my freezer that I needed to use up. But I couldn't stop at jam -- I wanted to make a chutney as well (that I mentioned yesterday). It turns out it is really easy -- soon I hope to make jelly too.

jam making 002
jam making 003
jam making 004
jam making 005

Fig, pear, and plum sweet and sour chutney
Rhubarb, blackberry and strawberry jam

jam making 006
jam making 007

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