Saturday, October 23, 2010

my old little staghorn fern

staghorn update 001

I have had my staghorn fern for years now. He has gone through periods of huge growth and periods of near death. Right now he is healthy and happy. He has strong roots and beautiful new growth -- the only problem is this pesky fungus that keeps coming back to his soil. I've changed it once before, but it is back again.

staghorn update 002
staghorn update 003
Gross, isn't it? Today I changed out all the soil again, for a nice sterile sandy medium, that hopefully will keep him healthy through the winter slow-growing months. In the spring I will eliminate the soil entirely and get some help mounting him to a wall hanging, where he will grow out of moss and bark, just like he would in nature.

staghorn update 004
Happy staghorn in fresh new soil.

staghorn update 005

staghorn update 006

staghorn update 007


Jacqueline said...

Whoah!!!... you were getting mushroom formation on the Leucocoprinus birnbaumii fungus you have! You left it too long (this is me waving my plant finger at you and shaking my head!)!

Good job on changing the soil!! Nice work! 'Bout time! xo

Mary Hudson said...

i love you chrissy.

Jacqueline said...