Monday, October 18, 2010

Lil' guy

moses first 002
moses first 001

We adopted a new kitten yesterday. We've been wanting to introduce a new cat into the house for a long time and since I am doing a lot of hanging around the house right now, the time was right.
These photos are just a preview -- I'll take more when he sits still again. But just so you know he is 8 weeks old, a white coloured Siamese cross with blonde ears, nose and tail and purrs like an engine.


nokomis said...

ahhhhh! so freaking cute! congratulations! can't wait for more pictures and to find out the name! xox.

Jacqueline said...

Shut up shut up shut up! I love him already! Congratulations!~!

By the by...what is his name??

sara said...

litl rubie has a friend! I'd love to see them..

Fleurish said...

mine won't stay still and the photo's i have taken are horrible!!! Moses is soooo cute!

Mary said...

He's pretty great. My favorite part is when he's tired out and we can't find him because he went back to his bed. He is going through a name change...nothing fits yet.

elizabeth said...

oooh, I'm a new Auntie!