Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Chocolatier and Platycerium

thomas haas 001

I finally got to go to Thomas Haas in Kits this past Saturday and on a date with the beau, no less. It was done so perfectly in there, so very European and Vancouver was sunny and everything was wonderful. Before that we went to the SPCA, but just to look, despite Joseph's pleas for a few lovely cats he befriended. After coffee and amazing cake, we stepped into my old place of employment, Garlands Florist, which is looking as amazing as always -- or even more so. They had the most breathtaking orchids, but it was the gorgeous Staghorn ferns that I could not resist. I picked up a Platycerium grande (the variety I don't already have) and I'll post photos of it soon. I hope to mount it to a wall hanging in the spring (or whenever my horticulturist friend says it's ready)

thomas haas 002
thomas haas 003

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