Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Warning: Graphic Images

mac and cheese 001

There I was perfectly happy enjoying my week of salads for dinners -- until my mom called. She described her comfort food as being something a little more rich and fatty than salad... and then all I could think of was macaroni and cheese. I had to make it and it had to be amazing. I made a Martha Stewart recipe, altered by Smitten Kitchen and then altered by me. I used almost twice the pasta and made about 75% of the sauce called for and it was still unbelievably creamy and rich and really hit the spot (I also added a teaspoon of mustard powder, used skim milk and topped it with a bit of leftover baguette instead of sliced white bread). But after 2 days of leftovers now all I want is salad again.

mac and cheese 002
mac and cheese 003
mac and cheese 004
(Served with sauteed Swiss chard with pepitas, pine nuts, sesame seeds, and garlic)

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