Monday, September 13, 2010

Walking Day

walking day 001

A little over a week ago -- before the rain came -- Joseph, Alexander and I went for a full day of walking from Main Street Skytrain to Olympic Village around False Creek to Granville Island to stop at the market for lunch. Then across Granville bridge, through downtown to Gastown then down Main Street through Chinatown back to Main Street Skytrain to the Wednesday Farmer's Market and then finally took the train back home in time for dinner. A scenic bit of exercise. It was interesting seeing Olympic Village post-Olympics... it's very deserted there. The walk along the water was beautiful this time of year -- I don't see enough of the water in my neighborhood, so it's nice to remember why this city is so special.

walking day 002
walking day 003
walking day 011
walking day 004
walking day 005
walking day 006
walking day 007
walking day 008
walking day 009
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