Monday, September 27, 2010

Fruit crisp, Autumn breakfast

fruit crisp 001

There are so many wonderful BC fruits available right now. The local produce markets don't even have enough bins to hold all the peaches, plums, pears, and apples. It is such a great time of year for fresh fruit, but with the weather turning rainy, all I can think of is a nice warm breakfast. And who doesn't want dessert for breakfast?

fruit crisp 002
Peaches, prune plums, black plums, gala apples, and granny-smith apples (the local ones are so sour! They are how I remember them as a child, I just hadn't noticed that taste was missing until I bit into a fresh BC granny-smith the other day and my whole face puckered up)

fruit crisp 003
fruit crisp 004
fruit crisp 005
Yes I ate ice-cream for breakfast, so what? I buy good ice-cream and was out of yogurt. You work off breakfast so easily anyway -- frankly I think you should only have ice-cream at breakfast time. Back off!

fruit crisp 006
fruit crisp 007


Fleurish said...

that looks delicious!!!! first mac and cheese now this... Miss M. tsk tsk

Mary said...

Macaroni and cheese photos coming up!