Thursday, September 16, 2010

Columbia Flower Market

columbia 001

It has been over five months since I was away traveling through Europe. Since then, my summer had been busy and flown by with all sorts of fun local activities to take in. There were events and art shows that I couldn't go to simply because of a lack of time. Now I feel very busy again, but I can't say I am having nearly as much fun. The last few weeks have been very work oriented and I cannot wait for this time to pass.

I don't have as many photos from England to share with you as I would like because now that I have flipped through them I can see that most of them are really horrible. Somehow by the end of my trip I forgot how to take photos?

columbia 002

My very kind Aunt and Uncle, who I stayed with in London for a week, went with me on my first day in the city to take in the Columbia flower market over by brick lane. It was one thing that I knew I wanted to see in London, and it was truly lots of fun. I wish I could have bought some of the pretty plants and flowers that I saw -- but they don't exactly like that when passing through airport customs. We took a break midday for a curry in brick lane, which was fantastic of course.

columbia 003
columbia 004

Remember spring-time? Well this is what it looked like. Tulips, Hyacinth, Narcissus, Viburnum, Lilac, Peonies (look at the peonies!)

columbia 005
columbia 006

Purple roses are one of my favorites.

columbia 007
columbia 008columbia 009
columbia 010


Fleurish said...

Oh MARY!!!! This made me tear up ... simply stunning.

elizabeth said...

that's my very favorite colour of rose too.