Thursday, September 02, 2010

Chocolate Hazelnut Meringue Cake

chocolate cake 001

So it has been the week of cake here I guess. I hosted a nice little birthday brunch for a friend on Sunday and figured I should pair a simple meal with a really extravagant dessert. I had marked this cake from the Tartlette blog when it was first posted and couldn't wait to have an excuse to make it. It is not an everyday cake -- it has 10 eggs and something like half a kilo of chocolate -- but it was really nice to share with friends and to follow by an afternoon spent at the flea market.
-The image above is a bittersweet solid bar of Callebaut that I picked up from the Gourmet Warehouse (another fantastic place to have so close to home) -- now if I had only picked up a proper sized pan as once again I prepared a short little cake compared to the original, but taste is all that matters and it couldn't have been better. I recommend serving this with a really mild whipped cream to provide a little relief from the rich chocolate.

chocolate cake 003
chocolate cake 002
chocolate cake 004
chocolate cake 005

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