Tuesday, August 24, 2010

VanDusen Paradise

vandusen 001

My mom and Step-dad were in town three weeks ago and we spent one of our days together wandering through gardens and parks and bio-domes. VanDusen Botanical Gardens was our last real stop of the day and we first had a relaxing lunch in the shade at the patio of Shaughnessy restaurant (mmm...crab croissants...) to refuel before touring the large grounds. The gardens are stunning. We couldn't have asked for better weather or a nicer season. Since very few seasonal plants were really in bloom (i.e. cherry blossoms, poppies, etc.) we were able to really appreciate the hard work and love that was and is put into the landscaping and design of the park.

vandusen 002
vandusen 003
vandusen 004
vandusen 005
vandusen 006
vandusen 007
vandusen 008
vandusen 009
vandusen 010
vandusen 011
vandusen 012
vandusen 013
vandusen 014
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vandusen 016
vandusen 017
vandusen 018
My favorite photo. I feel like there should be people flying through the trees or something magical happening that you can only see if you look long enough.

vandusen 019
vandusen 020

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