Wednesday, August 25, 2010


air planters 001

Air plants amaze me. They are my current favorite (along with the constant staghorn fern and more recently, anything bonsai) and I cherish the few that I have. I bought two of these Tillandsias while in Chemainus, at a street market and the third was from Celsia Florist in Kitsilano. Celsia had a beautiful display in the windows of tillandsias sitting in empty ball jars, that were then hung with twine right in the window to catch the light. I happened to have a couple extra jars at home, but wanted to add a bit of a visual anchor to the bottoms of the jars -- hence the (lightweight) buttons. Now to just find a place to hang them...

air planters 002
I would suggest if you create something similar to these that you take the lids off the jars at times to let the tillandsias breathe -- and regular misting never hurts!

air planters 003
air planters 004

Oh and can I just add: Happy Anniversary E & R, you are lovely.

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elizabeth said...

thanks my sweetie sis.

i saw some planters in which plants grew upside down toady and thought of you. they were very expensive. when you come to visit me i'll show them to you, ok?