Monday, August 23, 2010

Not correct

yellow watermelon 001

We bought a watermelon from the Main Street Farmer's Market last week. We knew it was a yellow watermelon -- we bought it mainly for the novelty of that fact. We did not know what yellow watermelon tastes like and now we do: water. It made me really want pink watermelon, perhaps I will buy one tomorrow -- and a BC cantaloupe. Yum.

yellow watermelon 002
yellow watermelon 003


tarantella said...

that's a weird looking yellow watermelon... we sell them at work sometimes and they are a nice yellow colour inside and taste like regular watermelon. bummer that yours wasn't good!

Helena said...

That looks like a cucumber. weird!!!!! totally weird. We have to get together and watch FOOD INC.

Indie.Tea said...

That looks like a very very pale yellow watermelon. Maybe it was picked before it was ripe?

Mary said...

Well I am convinced to try again. My local produce market had a whole crate of them (5'x5') out yesterday so I think I'll go pick one up today.