Thursday, August 19, 2010


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My favorite part of traveling: going to see the gardens of course! The Giardino di Boboli and Giardino di Bardini are located next to the grounds of the Pitti Palace and are open to the public. I found the Bardini gardens to be much more lush and interesting, the Boboli gardens were closer to the palace and were crowded and felt more English than Italian with wide pathways edged with tall square hedges and minimal varieties of vegetation. Where Boboli would be a great place to host a summer evening party with all your richest friends, Bardini would be great to escape by yourself to read and lay under the patterned shade of the trees and listen to the birds above. The Bardini gardens were fun to wander in, up and down old stone staircases, through patches of hellebores, and under arches of wisteria.

The Pitti Palace was home to the Medici family, an extremely wealthy dynasty who nurtured art and culture in Florence and helped spark the Italian Renaissance. I was in Italy during culture week and after touring the gardens with my new friend from the hostel, we cut through the palace to get back. On our way sneaking through rooms and hallways we were lucky enough to stumble upon a free concerto in progress in one of the palace's stunning rooms over looking the garden -- one of those rooms that probably remain empty 360 days a year and you would wonder "well what the heck is this space for?". It was a perfect morning, followed by a three-course lunch for only 10 Euros(!) that was so much food I couldn't finish it all as hard as I tried. Oh and then I went to Santa Maria Novella -- not the church, but the shop of course! I bought my bf some Tobacco soap and myself a top-notch pocket mirror. Oh and then I ate free dinner at the hostel and partied until 5am because that's how they do it in Italy.

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elizabeth said...

So beautiful, and so delightful sounding. Wish I'd been there!