Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Firenze S.M.N.

florence 001

Looking back at my photos from Florence I realize that I have very few compared to some of my other destinations. At first this made me really sad, but thinking on the matter I remember now that I was simply having too much fun in Florence to be bothered. It would be nice to have a few more snap-shots of some of the city life and landscapes, but I'm happy that in Florence I was able to just relax and take it all in -- and there was a lot to take in. I suppose the fact that many tourist sites are museums that contain some of the most famous works of art in the world, where photography is strictly not allowed (I only got lectured once) also contributed to a lack of photos.

My time in Florence earlier this year coincided directly with the travel nightmare that was the Icelandic Volcano (Of DOOM!) This unfortunately affected me as well for if I had the option at the time to be changing flights at will, I would have stayed in Italy much longer. Three nights in Florence was enough to fall in love with Tuscany and to completely understand where all the fuss about Italy came from. Upon returning home I immediately bought a huge Italian cookbook and still dream nightly about being able to go back and drive around the countryside -- perhaps this time with my beau. That being said, being on one's own made traveling in Italy very hard. Everyone in Italy is constantly surrounded by friends, family and loved ones; everything is an event or a gathering and you are reminded at every turn that you don't have someone with you to look at art with or share a pizza or stroll along the river. I fell in love with Italy and it broke my heart all within the first hour.

Of course had I been looking -- I received several evening and dinner invitations all within the first hour as well.

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So many nude dudes....

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Penises!!!! I love it!!