Monday, August 30, 2010

The Cutting Garden

flora grubb 001

I was very impressed with Flora Grubb's Cutting Garden in California the first time I came across it because of its responsible approach to floristry -- they use exclusively local (and often native) flowers, more than I have seen any other florist successfully use. When recently again looking at the work of Susie, the designer, I was stunned by the creativity, daring, and use of organic elements to create such true to nature floral designs that were also so unusual for traditional wedding arrangements. Each piece shows a strong understanding of colour and movement and to me they are true works of art. I love the use of pitcher plants, tillandsias, and succulents. If I were to have a 'personal floral style' this would almost be it.

flora grubb 004
flora grubb 002
flora grubb 003
flora grubb 005

All designs by Flora Grubb Cutting Garden. Second from last set of photos belongs to Feather Love Photography, last photo belongs to Ryan Anson.


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Coquitlam Flowers said...

Beautiful, beautiful bouquets.
So natural and earthy~~ No wonder more and more people ordering flower arrangements with succulents nowadays.