Monday, August 16, 2010

Basilica di SantaMaria del Fiore

florence duomo 001

The Duomo of Florence was stunning. Sitting high up above the rest of the city's landscape, the cathedral was a glowing beacon for me, who had a habit of getting lost (I was luckily staying in a hostel only a street away). The basilica hardly even compares in size to dozens of other cathedrals around the world, but being able to walk around it, to sit down beside it and walk up and touch it was such a unique experience. Everything in Florence felt dwarfed around it and obviously this was quite humbling -- before one even starts to think of the spiritual aspects.

florence duomo 002
florence duomo 003
florence duomo 004
florence duomo 005
florence duomo 006

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Helena said...

I loved going there when i was in Florence, it is truly stunning! I love Florence!!!