Monday, July 12, 2010

solo barcelona

barcelona sights 001

Some photos from my solo wanderings during my last few days in Barcelona. My stay in the city was several days longer than expected due to a French rail strike, so I had a fairly good feel for the centre of the city by the time I left.

barcelona sights 002

barcelona sights 003

barcelona sights 004

There was the Barcelona Marathon the day I left. I woke up to loud drumming and whistle blowing a few blocks away. There was actually a station every hundred metres or so with a drummer and a whistle blower, making lots and lots of noise for the runners.

barcelona sights 005

barcelona sights 006

Market in front of the cathedral.

barcelona sigthts 007

barcelona sights 008

My hotel room after I couldn't stand the hostel anymore.
I did in fact have a few hours of wandering up and down every street, going into every hotel and hostel hoping for a place to stay. It was a Friday and there wasn't even any room for me left in my hostel seeing as how I hadn't pre-booked for that night. I was lucky to get a bed anywhere since the travel trouble caused by the Icelandic volcano had just begun. I justified the extra cost because bottled water and internet were both free at the hotel...

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