Wednesday, July 14, 2010

montjuïc, barcelona, spain

barcelona 001

For two days in a row I explored the areas around Montjuïc, Barcelona. Everything was free of charge and I was able to just enjoy the nice weather and the scenery.

barcelona 002

barcelona 003

The view from the Palau Nacional, home to the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya.

barcelona 004

Above and below are by the Teatre Grec.

barcelona 005

barcelona 006

Barcelona loves outdoor escalators.

barcelona 007

It was nice and deserted here, just the way I like it.

barcelona 008

barcelona 009

barcelona 010

On my walk back to the metro.

barcelona 011

The Botanical Gardens -- they were really very bad, I am sorry to say. I guess they were moved to this location when the old space was needed for other things during the 1992 Olympics. It felt unfinished and unloved. Nothing seemed to be thriving and it was very concrete and modern, which would have been fine except for the lack of lush vegetation. Luckily I walked in without paying and nobody stopped me. The annoying part was how long it took me to hike along the road to find this place. (The photo above was the best part of the whole place)

barcelona 012

On the mountain, leading up to the Castell de Monjuïc.

barcelona 013

barcelona 014

barcelona 015

barcelona 016

The fortress

barcelona 017

The defenses

barcelona 018

barcelona 019

barcelona 020

barcelona 021

barcelona 022

It was a nice couple of days.

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