Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grouse mountain + family times

grouse 001

Sorry for the absent blogging this week. My father and stepmom were just in town and staying with me for a few days so we were all enjoying the Vancouver sights and beautiful weather. Yesterday we traveled up Grouse mountain which was a lot more entertaining and interesting than I had expected. We opted to take the gondola up -- rather than do the near-vertical hike -- which was cramped and expensive, but very cool. Once at the top we were able to watch the funny lumberjack performance and went up even higher on the chair lift. The views were, as you may expect, fantastic. We were also lucky to get a good view of the two orphan grizzly bears that live in a large enclosure up on the mountain. The one bear was having a good time in the water playing with a stick with his hind legs and sticking his head under the water to blow bubbles. Cute cuddly little guys, behind an electric fence.

grouse 002

grouse 003

grouse 004

grouse 005

grouse 006

grouse 007

grouse 008

grouse 009

grouse 010

grouse 011

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