Monday, July 19, 2010

Gorgeous Genova

genova arch 001

Genova was without question the most visually beautiful city of my entire trip. Here's a little overview of the many wonderful pieces of architecture I would see as I strolled up and down the cobblestone. If you want to see classic old European buildings, Genova is the place -- it is said to have the largest historic centre in all of Europe.

genova arch 002

The San Lorenzo Cathedral, located in the same square as my hotel. Apparently during the Second World War a bomb shell fell into the church, targeted by a British plane, but miraculously the bomb never exploded.

genova arch 003

genova arch 004

genova arch 005

The medieval gates were pretty stunning.

genova arch 006

genova arch 007

genova arch 008

genova arch 009

genova arch 010

genova arch 011

genova arch 012

genova arch 013

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elizabeth said...

i really, really wish i'd been there with you. next year: you, me, italy?