Thursday, July 08, 2010

barcelona: wandering the streets

barcelona 001

The cafe Caelum was literally sent from Heaven as far we Elizabeth and I were concerned. After some very stressful hours (and hours) of traveling and being hungry (and disappointed that Barcelona wasn't awake yet!) we were able to sit back and dip into molten cups of dark, rich chocolate. All cookies and pastries are made by nuns in Spanish monasteries and we returned here (together and then later on my own) many times.

barcelona 002

barcelona 003

barcelona 004

barcelona 005

barcelona 006

barcelona 007

mmm... bubo

barcelona 008

One of my favorite shops of the whole trip. Custom, handmade masks, costumes, puppets and other toys -- it was remarkable.

barcelona 009

barcelona 010

Outside the Maritime Museum.

barcelona 011

Barcelona streets at night. It would also look a little like this (but with the sun still in the sky) from approximately 2-4pm, when many shops would take a siesta break.

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elizabeth said...

i looooooovvve bubo. wish i could go there for lunch.