Thursday, June 17, 2010

jardin botanico

One of my favorite spots of the trip, we spent the whole day here at the Jardin Botanico in Malaga. An easy journey outside the city by bus, followed by a short, confusing walk along the highway and under overpasses brought us to a very affordable oasis. We were in Malaga in the early spring, but we were still very happy to spend the day in the cool bits of shade offered by these gardens.

Thousands of species are found here, thoughtfully and beautifully sectioned and then left to thrive in Malaga's almost tropical climate. There were ficus trees as big in circumference as the cedars in Stanley Park. There were Staghorn ferns happily neglected in open greenhouses and more lemon trees than we could count. A small waterfall was completely engulfed with monstera plants, playfully and deceivingly named the "Monster waterfall"

Although only recently has the garden been properly maintained after years of neglect, there are reminders throughout the gardens of the wealthy family that once called this their home. Iron arbors and stone fountains surround the old manor; this place was someone's labour of love. It's clear that some species of plants were placed specifically for the benefit of future generations.

On such a whirlwind European tour, a little tranquility was very welcome.

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Jacqueline said...

I want to live here....