Friday, June 11, 2010

hazelnut sponge cake

I had my co-workers over for dinner last night. We had a potato, leek and arugula soup with pine nuts that wasn't too exciting. I also made this hazelnut sponge cake. The recipe is from David Tanis' "A Platter of Figs", so I can't print it here, but let me know if you want it. It calls for 8 eggs and a pound of hazelnuts, but not much else. I got too lazy after several attempts to roast and remove the skins from the hazelnuts, so I just didn't bother, and it still tasted great.

I served it with sliced strawberries that I had let marinate in a bit of rose water and a sprinkling of sugar. I also added a bit of rose water to the freshly whipped cream.

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Chrissy said...

Oh Mary, this was sooooooo good!!