Monday, February 01, 2010

birthday bouquet

Joseph is really wonderful -- have I mentioned that? Look at this bag he got me for my birthday -- it's perfect. Well on top of that (and a few other thoughtful things) he also bought me a stunning, fragrant bouquet.

My co-workers are really wonderful -- have I mentioned that before? They got together and made me this really beautiful, fragrant bouquet for my birthday. Florists love flowers.

Well I guess it just so happens that my tastes are incredibly predictable as both bouquets contained basically all the same (beautiful) elements. But I'm not complaining, as I combined the two flowery gifts and created this super arrangement. My whole house smells like hyacinth. And viburnum is back!

Anyway, the point is that I have some really lovely people in my day-to-day life who put a smile on my face. Thank-you all.


Jacqueline said...

Super Bouquet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eden Lilly said...

Hey! Hey! Hey! I still need your address so i can be one of your awesome friends who gets you pretty stuff for your birthday. So? Late? Whatever!