Thursday, October 01, 2009

main street farmers market

after work yesterday i went to meet joseph at the main street farmers market, which takes place on wednesday evenings until late october. it's a small market, but happens to have the most stunning back drop: the VIA rail pacific central station. it makes me feel like i am shopping at the market of a grande old city in europe, fresh off the train, picking out a few seasonal bits to take back to the pension with me.

pacific central station photo from here.

i felt like i had done enough baking for the week, so i opted out of stocking up on apples or pumpkins, but with the weather as dismal as it is today, i probably would have enjoyed a little therapeutic apple peeling.

p.s. aren't the beets pretty? i couldn't decide between the purple and the golds ones, so i got red. i now wish i had picked up all three as i have had a silly urge to tie-dye some clothing for a while now and wouldn't that be a fun, environmentally sound colour selection?
the idea is thrilling only to me isn't it? fine, well don't come begging to me for a pink and gold tie-dye tank top when all is said and done.

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