Friday, September 25, 2009

pumpkin muffins

adapted a whole bunch from a martha stewart recipe.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

french cottage or farmhouse?

i just cannot decide between these two washrooms from
design*sponge and emerson merrick. perhaps the two washrooms could fall in love and create the ultimate washroom offspring -- destined to be the greatest washroom of all time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

pumpkin & butternut squash soup

my lovely sugar pie pumpkins. there was the butternut squash too, but it just looked funny when i sliced it open. of course i saved the seeds for later; i've had them soaking in salt water for a few hours and i'll roast them with a little cayenne pepper.

after cooking the pumpkins (cut side down, with a cup of water in the roasting pan) for a little over an hour (350°F). i only roasted the butternut squash for 50 minutes, but i probably could have given it longer.

this photo turned out nice, but don't be fooled, the blender didn't work at all. i could smell it burning out. instead i hauled down my roommate's heavy duty food processor, which after i had spent quite a while making sure everything was connected properly (my first time! and no roommate or instructions to be found!) was very fun to use.

i cooked the onion up in my saucepan with olive oil and added the garlic. i poured about a litre, maybe more in the end, vegetable stock into the pot. to this i added the full rosemary sprigs, some thyme leaves, black pepper, some cumin and a little cayenne pepper (i could have added more.) then i poured in the butternut squash and pumpkin puree and let the whole thing simmer a while. i removed the rosemary and blended the whole pot down with an immersion blender. i never knew before just how useful an immersion blender can be. oh and i added almost 1/4 cup of grated parmesan.

it was thick and filling and there is still lots of it. very tasty with parmesan toasts.

sleeping dragon

i'm going to be very busy today dealing with these lovely plump squashes, amongst other things. the pumpkins are currently doing a little pre-roasting in the oven and surprisingly smell amazing.
ruby couldn't care less, naturally.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


seeing a lot of red this fall. i always want to dye my hair red and then i (or the stylist) always talk myself out of it. i know it wouldn't last, i know it would turn orange, and i know it would mess with my colour as it is now, but just think of how red it would be!

also have you noticed how popular colour is this season? like lots of colour, really bright and really horrible colour all put together to make one giant colour fiesta. normally i don't even like colour, but it just seems so enticing. (i kind of want colour everything and everywhere!)

images are from here via here, here via here, and here via here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

still dreaming

still plotting and planning and dreaming of ploughing. i hear the grapes are ready right about now at the farm. i guess that means the birds get them this year as i don't know when we'll get to sneak away again. maybe for christmas. christmas on the farm! i can already see the wood stove roaring, a light layer of snow falling outside, roasting potatoes in the oven and fresh eggs in our stockings!

on a different note, have you looked at this blog, sprouted kitchen? it makes me want to eat and eat and eat. or just stare at food all day.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

...not so grey

sparkly. after the grey.

fountain outside the vancouver art gallery, at night.