Sunday, August 30, 2009

zucchini pistachio cupcakes ...or why i quit my job

cupcakes that i made for work to commemorate my final days.

they were a hit, both at work and with joseph, naturally. i had a lot of trouble finding shelled -- or unsalted for that matter -- pistachios, so i had to do it all by hand. i didn't mind the salt, in fact i love salty sweet things, but the cracking and the rubbing to remove the skin was tedious to say the least. the recipe however was fantastic. i tried to find something online but mostly just ran into rachel ray (one of her ingredients was so and so's yellow cake mix... great) so i took my mother's zucchini chocolate chip muffin recipe and made some adjustments. i added about three quarters of a cup of very finely ground pistachios, a quarter cup honey (to make it sweeter, like a cupcake, and also to add moisture) a little extra oil, for moisture, i think an extra teaspoon of baking powder, and skipped the chocolate chips. i topped it off with this amazing buttercream where next time i will half the recipe -- a little went a long way. sorry you missed it.


jade said...

ive just come across this after looking all over the net for the perfect zucchini pistachio cupcakes! do you think i could get the recipe off you? i would love to make these :]


Mary said...

Hi Jade!

I'll have to look around, but I'm sure I still have this recipe somewhere. I'll send it to your gmail when I find it, okay?

It's about time I made these again too!