Sunday, August 09, 2009

reputations changeable, situations tolerable

i am the biggest supporter of fruity, leafy salads with a salty breakfast.
it's the best ever.

cloudy morning, as you can see. i love when the sky is like this (that's the mountain, the part you can't see) right now i can just make out the grey shape of a cargo ship turning around in the whiteness -- a ghost ship no doubt.

in an effort to progress my future farm-living dreams in the only way i can, i have begun to eat more eggs. i've done all sorts of reading the last few days about how eggs contain all the essential nutrients the body needs. they are the closest perfect nutrient source for a human body, next to breast milk, which i gave up years ago. if i'm going to be raising chickens, i need to be eating and cooking eggs. this was going to be quite a process as i wasn't really sure if i was an egg person.

so for the first time this morning i cooked (and ate) a poached egg. it was amazing (see how i avoided typing eggmazing there?) i knew i would have to do it right if i hoped to ever eat a poached egg again, so i cooked up some bacon and made some parmesan toast. now i'm drawing plans for a new chicken coop at the farm because, well because it's cloudy out and i can.

i'm listening to traveling wilburys vol.1 over and over trying to get psyched up enough to clean house. i've already moved the needle back several times to hear my favorite line "baby, you're adorable". i love roy because my mom loves roy and i love george because my dad loves george. tom and bob, well they earned it. (i'm sorry jeff, to me you are just traveling wilbury #5)

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