Thursday, August 06, 2009

i have a book problem

or, more specifically, i have a book buying problem. or even more specifically than that i have this problem where i buy books and i cannot read them as fast as i buy them. i have some amazing books in my collection and i read them successively, but i seem to still be a few years behind. i jump around a lot, not to mention that i have daily activities (such as going to work) that prevent mass amounts of reading. i need to have a "read in" where i lock myself away for an indefinite amount of time, working my way through each book, one by one.

this is my latest indiscretion that i picked up on my lunch break (when i should have been reading the book i already had with me). how could i resist hans christian anderson? fairy tales are the ultimate reference book, plus this one is so youthful and pretty.

(also i wanted to mention my favorite thing about this book is that there is no table of contents or index, so you are forced to flip your way through the pages to find the fable you are looking for).

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