Sunday, August 30, 2009

zucchini pistachio cupcakes ...or why i quit my job

cupcakes that i made for work to commemorate my final days.

they were a hit, both at work and with joseph, naturally. i had a lot of trouble finding shelled -- or unsalted for that matter -- pistachios, so i had to do it all by hand. i didn't mind the salt, in fact i love salty sweet things, but the cracking and the rubbing to remove the skin was tedious to say the least. the recipe however was fantastic. i tried to find something online but mostly just ran into rachel ray (one of her ingredients was so and so's yellow cake mix... great) so i took my mother's zucchini chocolate chip muffin recipe and made some adjustments. i added about three quarters of a cup of very finely ground pistachios, a quarter cup honey (to make it sweeter, like a cupcake, and also to add moisture) a little extra oil, for moisture, i think an extra teaspoon of baking powder, and skipped the chocolate chips. i topped it off with this amazing buttercream where next time i will half the recipe -- a little went a long way. sorry you missed it.

definitely worth $5

especially since joseph paid for it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sweet peas, a little late

i know i should have posted this over twelve hours ago, but happy 2-year anniversary l & r. i love you very much and am so happy and excited for your long lives together.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

all mine

to give meaning

i love when the clouds are like this too. everyone is forced to enjoy the pockets of sun because you never know if it's going to downpour or pass on by.

a garbage truck is drowning out "i'm on fire". listening to bruce springsteen and reading john steinbeck. never really thought about how similar my favorite musician is to my favorite author. the plights of the working man and the fights of the little guy. funny how much they both speak to my very inner core when i honestly cannot relate to any of their literal words. sure is a humble art isn't it? where would my generation be (or even my parents' generation for that matter) without some of these very real reminders of worthlessness and utter humanity?

Monday, August 10, 2009


all images from design sponge sneak peek

when i think about renovating a certain farm house, these images sure make my jaw drop. the possibilities!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

uh oh

day-old easter egger chicks (they lay blue/green eggs)

reputations changeable, situations tolerable

i am the biggest supporter of fruity, leafy salads with a salty breakfast.
it's the best ever.

cloudy morning, as you can see. i love when the sky is like this (that's the mountain, the part you can't see) right now i can just make out the grey shape of a cargo ship turning around in the whiteness -- a ghost ship no doubt.

in an effort to progress my future farm-living dreams in the only way i can, i have begun to eat more eggs. i've done all sorts of reading the last few days about how eggs contain all the essential nutrients the body needs. they are the closest perfect nutrient source for a human body, next to breast milk, which i gave up years ago. if i'm going to be raising chickens, i need to be eating and cooking eggs. this was going to be quite a process as i wasn't really sure if i was an egg person.

so for the first time this morning i cooked (and ate) a poached egg. it was amazing (see how i avoided typing eggmazing there?) i knew i would have to do it right if i hoped to ever eat a poached egg again, so i cooked up some bacon and made some parmesan toast. now i'm drawing plans for a new chicken coop at the farm because, well because it's cloudy out and i can.

i'm listening to traveling wilburys vol.1 over and over trying to get psyched up enough to clean house. i've already moved the needle back several times to hear my favorite line "baby, you're adorable". i love roy because my mom loves roy and i love george because my dad loves george. tom and bob, well they earned it. (i'm sorry jeff, to me you are just traveling wilbury #5)

Friday, August 07, 2009

when cooking for one:

brie is a food group, and it need not look pretty. joseph left for alberta today for a 10 day tour opening for bedouin soundclash with his friend ben stevenson. i think this means that pretty soon he will be a rock star and therefore pretty soon i will be a kept woman and we will both be happy -- on a farm, with a dog.
in his absense i'm watching power ballad videos on youtube and telling myself it was time for bed an hour ago. too bad my sister isn't living in the same town as me when both our signifigant others are on tour. (yes we only date/marry musicians, as is our prerogative)
okay, goodnight.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

i have a book problem

or, more specifically, i have a book buying problem. or even more specifically than that i have this problem where i buy books and i cannot read them as fast as i buy them. i have some amazing books in my collection and i read them successively, but i seem to still be a few years behind. i jump around a lot, not to mention that i have daily activities (such as going to work) that prevent mass amounts of reading. i need to have a "read in" where i lock myself away for an indefinite amount of time, working my way through each book, one by one.

this is my latest indiscretion that i picked up on my lunch break (when i should have been reading the book i already had with me). how could i resist hans christian anderson? fairy tales are the ultimate reference book, plus this one is so youthful and pretty.

(also i wanted to mention my favorite thing about this book is that there is no table of contents or index, so you are forced to flip your way through the pages to find the fable you are looking for).

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

black beauties

i had to rush my mom off the phone and race against the clock to get a photo of this finished dessert in the natural light. it didn't even last long enough on my plate for me to upload the photos however.

biscuits with whipped cream and blackberries. (and all the blackberries we brought back from the farm. wake up, put on a bikini, go pick blackberries. maybe it's your vision of farming that is deluded, not mine.) these biscuits are the easiest dessert to make. even if they turn out bad (which mine did not) you can smother them in cream and fruit. and on a side note, i like my whipped cream with just a little powdered sugar and lots of vanilla -- and a little mint on top doesn't hurt either.

fresh farm fruit

why what's that growing all the way up the barn?

oh just some grapes.

joseph and i walked around the farm enjoying all the edible sights. some were ripe for the picking and some will have to wait for when we can go back in the weeks to come.

bc long weekend

after seven and three quarter hours of travel time and waiting around and almost missing every single connection, and buying a couple groceries, we made it to the farm. twenty-four hours of bliss and we were back on our way to the city. it just isn't right.

Monday, August 03, 2009


like a slice of pie.
although i always enjoy the arrangements by studio choo, these ones i am particularly fond of.