Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hottest day of the year

today was quite possibly the hottest day i'll see until next summer -- unless tomorrow is even hotter. it's a respectable 30°C, plus humidity (imagine air so thick you can hardly breathe, even in open spaces, a sun so hot that i think i hear my skin sizzling when i step into its light and let's just say i wasn't the only one sweating out there today.)
i figured i would brave the hot and smelly bus to go to a quiet beach spot i like, just off of kits beach, because it's usually so much cooler down by the water with the breeze and the waves and the overall calm atmosphere. not today. what breeze? it was too sunny to read or write without blinding myself, so i just sat and sweated and ate my nectarine and came home to a cold shower. at least i tried. and i do feel like a million bucks post shower so i guess all in all it was a good day off.

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