Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dill flower

the dill on my balcony thriving against all odds in front of the sunset a few days ago.

it's one of those senselessly hot days in vancouver today, as it has been for weeks and as far as i can tell, will be forever. i don't know what to do with myself on days like today. so much i could accomplish, but nothing that i need to. i walked to a neighbourhood soccer field and laid down on the slope to write letters to loved ones. the grass was brown and prickly as it has hardly rained since spring (i am in vancouver right?) there were wasps hovering low all around me, so they must have been finding bugs to feed on, although i couldn't see any.
now i am cooling down, watching my kitty through the open door. she is sitting on a chair on the balcony trying so hard (but not knowing how) to stay our of trouble. she keeps looking at me, scared i will snatch away her fresh air for the day.

joseph is stopping at the farmers market on the way home; i can't wait to see what goodies he picks up.
something tells me it's a guacamole kind of day.

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