Thursday, May 14, 2009

oh the calla lilies

now normally i'm not a calla lily person. take 'em or leave 'em. as far as cut flowers go i think a nice schwartzwalder or peach coloured calla can be nice -- if they are big enough to even be seen and if they are under $7 a stem. but this is rarely the case and yet people still ask for callas. "they are so elegant" really? i mean it's not like they are wearing a tuxedo or anything, they are just kinda - well - plain.
but this my friends, this is my newest addition to my overstuffed balcony. it is a plant and it grows calla lilies and it is beautiful. look at its leaves! look at its flowers! look at the leaves that are trying to be flowers! callas need a lot of sun, even direct sunlight is a-ok for them. so i may have brought this little one to its doom as i only get direct sun during the sunrise and sunset. also i have to raise the plant up high enough to get all the proper sun, which means it is far more vulnerable to the sixth-floor winds. still, i think we are off to the beginning of a wonderful friendship mr. calla and i, he providing my balcony with a nice splash of colour and texture, me providing him with the basic needs to conduct photosynthesis. even steven.

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